Farmer’s Wife, meet Penny Patch

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I mentioned in my penny patch post the other day that I had two Farmer’s Wife blocks in my quilt, well I added a 3rd and am so pleased with how it adds to the quilt’s layout. I think I might actually be ready to commit and get to sewing this top together.

I used 3 Farmer’s Wife blocks and paper pieced each of them. It was such a happy coincidence that the blocks in Lil Miss Penny were 6.5 unfinished just like the FW blocks.  Here’s the blocks I chose

Farmer’s Wife Block: Periwinkle (#66)

Farmer's Wife Block #66 Periwinkle
Farmer’s Wife Block #66 Periwinkle

I picked this block as my VERY first FWQ block. I picked this block cause it looked both easy and fancy. The one thing I really don’t like about it is that the white wing of the bird coincidentally lines up at that top left  point. I didn’t have enough of a single low volume for the background but was very pleased with how these two looked together.

Farmer’s Wife Block: Friendship (#39)

Farmer's Wife Block #39 Friendship
Farmer’s Wife Block #39 Friendship

I had one spare 2″ strip in this crazy bright yellow and flipping though the blocks the friendship square was a perfect use for it. Two low volumes with different colors (grey and blue) combined with the two lower volume feature colors  make the diamond really pop.

Farmer’s Wife Block: Homemaker (#37)

Farmer's Wife Block #47 Homemaker
Farmer’s Wife Block #47 Homemaker

This block was a treat to work on because it’s the first block I’ve ever done a y-seam on and let me tell you: Don’t be scared by paper pieced y-seams, they’re easy as pie! Wish I’d had enough pink or purple to do all the points in the same shade but the block came out pretty none-the-less.

I’ll be sure to write more about how I put together the Farmer’s Wife blocks when I start working on the quilt that will feature nothing but these sweet little sampler blocks.