Around the Block Hoodie

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Mom asked for another Dionne Duster Cardigan (which is yet un-made…sorry Mum) and in the order from Nature’s Fabric, I added 3 cuts of bamboo stretch fleece to make a second sweatshirt pattern after the successful Hudson Hoodie from the spring.

This one used the pattern Around the Block by Ellie & Mac and I made it in a size large. It’s AMAZING! 🎉

Picture of Terri in her yard wearing her homemade Around the Block hoodie

This is a great pattern that checks a lot of beautiful design details: the asymmetry, the color blocking and details like installing grommets and making a coordinating (faux) drawstring.

I went off-pattern with how I attached my drawstrings. The instructions said to knot the end between the outer and lining, I basted the rivet end down in between the outside/lining at the bottom of the hood. It was then sewn in the seam attaching the hood and the bodice.

Picture of Terri in her yard wearing her homemade Around the Block hoodie

I opted for the side seam pockets too. They add a bit of bulk, and when I put my hands in my pocket too heavy/hard, the bottom can peek out from under the waistband. Next time I’ll sew the bottom of them into the waistband, I saw someone in the Ellie & Mac Facebook group mention they’d done that.

The hood is lined with a polyester-spandex stretch satin from Mood Fabrics. It’s the same idea as a satin pillow; a satin-lined hood will pamper my curls. I struggled with lining up the hood and I think it was because the satin didn’t have the same stretch percentage as the fleece. It still worked out, just something to consider the next time I use this satin.

All the seams are serged (aside from topstitching on the hood) and I was pleasantly surprised that the seams from the color blocking are barely noticeable when wearing the hoodie.

I used a black Maxi-Lock Serger Thread – Tex 27. Previously I’ve only used a cheap poly thread I got from Amazon, but I think using better thread has made a big difference in the softness of the seam as well as consistency and less frustration in setting up the serger.

Sizing Cut: Large
Alterations: Altered drawstring attachment.
Next Time: Attach pocket to hem band
My Measurements: 39½” bust, 31″ waist, 39½” hip