Evening Star

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The final star for my sampler! I picked this one from lemons quilt other sampler. I though it was just so lovely with how different it is compared to the other stars and that it could tie together all the fabrics so nicely. If this sampler was more traditional with more defined blocks I may have kept the colored corners from the original but I liked the way my sketch for the final quilt looked with the stars all floating in a line together. I didn’t do a color plan for this one really, I laid out the scraps I had in a circle to determine order but I already knew I wanted to sue this block to tie in most of the prints I was using.

Planning order of colors for the evening star block
Planning order of colors for the evening star block

As my 3rd paper pieced block EVER I was nervous about my middle seam; terrible afraid the point where all 8 pieces came together would be a hump in the middle of my lovely star. After I ripped out the paper and pressed I got it down yo a ‘lil baby lump. I was happy I kept all the paper on when sewing the pieces together. It helped keep my seam allowances 1/4 true, and all the pieces came together just right with straight edges, no major overhang.

I’m thrilled with how that block came out and am even more thrilled to sew all these stars together and get started with the hexagons.

I’m starting to really see an advantage with these modern quilts: the come together so quickly especially a quilt like this with so much negative space. With samplers the different blocks are great to break up the monotony of making the same block over and over again!

You can find the pattern for the evening star here.

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