Quilt of Valor: Fabric acquired

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Weekend before last between the crazy sales at Jo-Ann’s with 30% off most of the quilting cotton selection and my additional 30% off total purchase coupon I knew this was the time to carpe fabric for the quilt of valor quilt. Problem is with sales like that I need an adult when going into that store. So I called mom!  Yup mom an I hemmed and hawed our way through the quilters calicos to find the perfect 5 reds, 5 blues and 5 whites (low volumes) for the quilt. I also picked up a patriotic ‘lil fat quarter bundle just in case cause she started to doubt my measurements.

I always feel like such a jerk when I walk up to the cutting counter with a pile of bolts and ask for a 1/4 or 1/2 yard of each!!

When I got home I over-locked the edges on all the fabrics and added them to the “must pre-wash” pile. I’m participating in the penny patch quilt along over at Stitched in Color and with the mix of a deep purple with so many light colors I wanted to prewash those and I also have the fabric for a baby blanket that I’m backing with fleece that I needed to prewash to make sure the fleece didn’t shrink too much after it’s made. Those all made it into the laundry Tuesday night along with the backing fabric.  Mom made a perfect discovery in the red tag rack for the backing I knew I would need at least the 4.5yrds and figured I’d round up to 5 cause it was just too perfect to not add to my stash for later use.  I can’t wait to post it but I’ll wait till the quilt is finished I think 😉

Cause of the reds and blues I threw three Shout color catchers in the wash with them and there was no bleeding, Horray!


Prewashed QOV fabric
Prewashed QOV fabric

I had originally planned on using an Essex linen-cotton blend as the background but after reading Rachel @ Stitched in Color’s bad experience with Essex linen-cotton I decided that this was not the right quilt to risk it on. I’d rather rest assured that this charity quilt will last the test of time so I ordered a quilter’s linen look 100% cotton. I only have swatches of the Essex linen at home so I had to go with my gut based on the colors of the photos so my fingers are crossed that it’s the beautiful neutral shade it looks to be not a too warm orange taupe. It will also need to be prewashed when I get it but I’m sure I will be able to find other fabric to prewash with it in the next couple weeks.

The girl’s wine and quilting night is only 4 weeks away from tomorrow! I’m so excited.