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The other day in the craft room I completely lost track of time, ended up eating dinner at 9pm and while I was happy to be left in the zone all that time it was a bit eye opening that so much time had passed by. I really like is having a clock on the wall in the room so I don’t have to get distracted by Facebook or Instagram notifications when I check my phone for the time so I decided it was time to accomplish a project that has long been on my to do list.

Embroidery Hoop Clock with fun Fabric

Using a 20% off my total purchase coupon from Michaels I bought a 12″ embroidery hoop and a mechanical clock kit. I read a few tutorials online and after having a huge a-ha moment with the hour hand I got it put together and am thrilled with the results!

Embroidery hoop clock on the wall in the corner of my craft room

Do you have a clock in eyeshot of your craft space? I think the visual reminder of the minute hand helps keep me on task better than a digital clock does.

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  1. What a smart idea. I use my computer clock because it’s just to the left of my sewing machine, that way I don’t have to turn away from my project to get distracted by other things in my sewing room. Your clock turned out lovely!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Amanda! This clock is directly behind my back when I’m at my sewing machine but in perfect eyesight when I’m at the cutting table/computer desk which is where I’m usually my most distracted and need to be more focused to use my time more wisely.

  2. This is so much fun! What great fabric. I think I’d need to add some numbers for me. Maybe applique or embroidery.

    1. I thought about adding numbers and I’d like to say I didn’t add them because of a design aesthetic I was going for but to be honest: it was out of pure laziness! I don’t use this clock for accurate time anyways just a quick at a glance “it’s 3:50ish” or “what it’s already after 9?!?!?!” so no numbers works for me.

  3. Love it – so happy and vibrant. I have a teapot clock on the wall with no batteries – must do something about that!

  4. I have been saying I need to make a clock like this for a long time, but somehow I never do. Time slipping away is definitely an issue for me, and it gets me in trouble with the hubby quite often. He just doesn’t understand! Perhaps I should start looking for a clock kit…

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