Home Made Ironing Press Board Revisited

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I can’t believe it was just over a year ago that I posted about turning my ironing board into a mega pressboard here on the blog. I still love that pressboard, I’ve re-covered it once and would love to make some improvements on it but she’s still totally functional so I haven’t spent any time fixing something that isn’t broken!

Upgrade your ironing board to a quilting press board

I got an email last week and had a really neat conversation with Sylvia after she commented on that post.  She has a temporary space setup in her house to sew in so she needs to have a small foot print and be able to tear down her station easily so she has her sewing machine on her pressboard.  Don’t worry; I’m assured by Sylvia the legs are quite sturdy and the support of the board against the wall is keeping her machine safe!

Sylvia's Machine, Pressboard and Projects all in one small space!

Here are some other in progress photos Sylvia sent along too!

Wood top attached to the ironing board  with washers and screws Wood top attached to the ironing board  with washers and screws Pressboard being covered with batting

In our exchange Sylvia described the end of her board as having a silicon coated ironing board cover on it. I’ve never heard of this before but she said you can find them on Amazon, searching for Silicon Coated Ironing Board Covers.  I’ve never used one before but think it’s a great idea. I’m a bit spoiled with my Osilo iron though!

Pressboard covered with fabric top

Thanks so much Sylvia for getting in touch, it’s a lovely experience to hear back from a visitor’s experience using ideas I post on the blog.

Have you taken the plunge to make your own pressboard yet? I love how sturdy the wood top on mine is compared to the cheap ironing board I modified!