A Little Weekend Away

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I was lucky enough to sneak away for the weekend for a bit of R&R at my family’s cottage on the coast of Connecticut. It was unfortunately a bit of a gloomy weekend but once the rain broke Sunday morning I grabbed my camera for a little “get outside” adventure before I headed home.

Tigerlily Flower

This Tigerlily flower was soaked from the rain but the plants needed all that water so who is to complain?

American Oystercatchers on the coast of Connecticut

I’ve never seen these birds here before but we looked them up in the bird book; they’re American Oysterpickers. My mother, aunt and I agreed that despite spending so much time here over the years (they grew up spending summers at this cottage) we’ve never seen these birds here before!

Collage of Ocean Photos

Some other sights while wandering the little beaches and roads, it started to brighten up but there was still a haze over the marsh by the mailboxes.

The shack and the marsh on the coast of Connecticut

I ended my adventure by sitting on the point at Rocky Beach sitting quietly, listing to the waves and the birds just watching, breathing and being. When I climb out on the point I have to leave my flip-flops at the start of the rocks, I spent so many summers running around this island barefoot that I’m so much more agile without shoes when walking on the rocks.

Photos from Rocky Beach on the Coast of Connecticut

While it wasn’t an ideal sunny beach weekend it was just what I needed.  I’ve also been commissioned by the family to make a wall hanging for the cottage but there will be more on that in another post.

Before I forget the winners for the Week 1 giveaway during the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop have been announced, go check out Yvonne’s post on her blog Quilting Jetgirl for details!


  1. Oh, that looks like a lovely time away. And how exciting to have a commission – I look forward to hearing more about it. And I am also excited for another great week in the blog hop! 🙂

  2. Tiger lilies are very popular where I grew up. I’ve heard they can be invasive and should be avoided. The color is beautiful so maybe we could use more beauty in our lives. The coastal photos are relaxing and restful. I’d love to see a progress post on the quilt.

    1. Oh interesting Wanda, if they are invasive then the salt air must be keeping them at bay on the island, I’ve never noticed more than a handful of them in the same spots every year. They’re such a lovely flower anyways. There will surely be in progress posts of the wall hanging but I have only just ordered the fabric and drawn out some sketches so it’s a bit premature for that yet 🙂

    1. It was wonderful Diana. The worst part is: the sun came out just before I had to leave to get home to get ready for the work week!

  3. We all need a little R&R once in a while! Like you said, just to get away and recharge! What a gorgeous place to ‘bliss out’, regardless of no sunshine! Love the pictures. It looks like a beautiful place!

  4. What a beautiful place! We have those birds around the coast of the UK, they are called oystercatchers here. Hope the break has a lasting effect through the week for you.

    1. Oh you do Allison? That’s neat! We looked in the bird book at the cottage to identify the birds and they were listed by that name and the regions described their habitat as both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of South, Central and North America but the book was also printed in the 70’s so maybe they’ve crossed the pond since then. I think the book is mostly North American birds so that could be why too 🙂

  5. We’re actually having a very rainy weekend here and doing some cottage redecorating. No more bunk bed! Ha. A real-sized bed means I can put a quilt on it and I’ve been working on some large photos in frames now that there’s lots of wall space.

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