Windermere Granny Square Placemats

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I’m now a 2 time Moda Bake Shop baker! Today my latest Moda Bake Shop post, Granny Windermere’s Placemats went up on their site, you can check out the full post over at the Moda Bake Shop.

Windermere by Brenda Riddle Designs for Moda

I used the lovely Windermere line by Brenda Riddle Designs for this post and while it’s a bit of a more traditional palette than I typical use I really love how it came out.

Making a Tutorial

The whole process of coming up with a design, planning, writing it out and photographing is such a fun process for me when I make enough time to do it in big chunks. Is it odd that I find the process of making just as beautiful as the finished product? I always end up with many more photos of the process than I could ever use!

These placemats are based on a sashed granny square design

In the design process I struggled with whether to leave the tan edges to make crisp corners or to give the design a softer look by cropping the tips of the sashing. Significantly inspired by how my EQ7 of this design came out I opted for cropping the tips of the sashing!

My placemat in it's new home on my Grandmother's old hutch

I’m so pleased with how the first of these placemats looks on the hutch I inherited from my Grandmother. It’s a very old piece of beautiful wood furniture and I’m glad there’s a soft place for things to land on it now!

Bleached fabric tutorial coming next week!!

PS. There’s a great post coming next week on how I bleached the background fabric to make a second placemat! Follow my the blog on Bloglovin or subscribe to the newsletter to get notified when that’s out, I can’t wait to show you!!!!

Coordinating Mini Barn Quilt

Placemat with Mini Barn Quilt

I had someone ask me about the Mini Barn Quilt in some of the pictures, I coordinated one of my kits to look perfect with this placemat, you can buy the kits for the shown Arkansas Traveler block  or 5 other designs over at


  1. I think cropping the tips of the sashing makes the center look like it is framed in a garden lattice, which seems so appropriate with these soft floral prints. The coordinating mini barn quilt looks awesome with it, too! Congratulations on another MBS tutorial. 🙂

  2. These are perfect and congrats on being a 2nd time Moda Baker! The added touch of the mini barn block is pure perfection!

  3. The placemat turned out really well. I really like the lattice design of the sashing. The matching mini barn quilt is cute too!

  4. Pretty, pretty! I’m looking forward to the follow-up post re: bleaching. I was going to attempt bleaching fabric for a project that’s in the works but was too much of a fraidy cat to go through with it. Maybe your experience will be the kick in the pants I need to try it myself …

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