Check out my Work In Country Living Magazine!

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I’ve been quiet, but for that I will not apologize. The blog has been in a bit of a “hibernation” mode for a while because I was creating a small business and launching Mini Barn Quilts which (if you haven’t seen the video, posts or site) are wooden kits designed to create lovely little pieces of display art.  I adore making things with my hands and the graphic designs of quilt blocks drew me into creating, testing and launching this under $20 adult craft kit.

Well, Country Living magazine (yes, THE Country Living magazine) noticed them too and now you’ll be able to find a brand new Mini Barn Quilt kit in each of ten 2016 issues of their magazine in the General Store feature section, alongside some other amazing artisans!

Mini Barn Quilts in Country Living Magazine's General Store Feature

In the beginning of 2015 I (albeit, tongue-in-cheek) told my dearest friends my New Years Resolution was to become an Internet micro-celebrity and to get published in a magazine.  The plan was to challenge myself creatively through this blog to find a voice and direction then submit a pattern to a favorite quilt or sewing magazine and hope for the best.  I can now tell you from experience that the exercise of finding my voice, channeling my passion, honoring my creative self and really trusting that the years of experience and knowledge I’ve acquired, seems to have done the trick.

Mini Barn Quilts in Country Living Magazine's General Store Feature

I invite you all to stick with me as I explore this journey. I’ve got some amazing new projects lined up with the Moda Bake Shop this year too so I’ll be back to playing with fabric soon but together let’s celebrate the new year and making amazing things happen, personally, professionally and (most importantly) creatively!

Mini Barn Quilts in Country Living Magazine


  1. Seriously, I don’t know how you will find time for fabric! These are so great, I cannot wait to post mine 🙂 Congrats again on such a great feat!

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