Fabric Postcard Swap – Yes this is a thing!

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When I saw Trina, @anotterlife on Periscope and blogs at in An Otter Life, was hosting a postcard swap I jumped on that like I pull into fabric shop parking lots: hard and fast!

Apparently if you adhere to some basic postcard principles you can create a fabric post card with some stabilizer and fabric. Who’da thunk?

My Inspiration and sketch for my Woodland Postcard Swap

I didn’t want to share a lot of photos on Instagram ahead of time because my swap partner is the host and I guessed she might know I had her 🙂 But look how cute my postcard came out I kind-of wanted to keep it!

My Finished Woodland Postcard Swap finish

I used my favorite technique that I like to call,  Lazy Ass Appliqué. It’s where you use Heat and Bond Lite to affix the appliqué shape and instead of stitching it down around the edges you just quilt the heck out of it. In this case I used a 1/4″ quilting to hold the pieces down on some scraps of Quilter’s Dream using a crisp white Aurifil thread. The raw edges may fray in the mail or hanging  but that’s character for the piece not a flaw.

Love how the quilting came out on this little postcard!

I used some printable 4×6 photo fabric to print the address and some of the post card’s message.

Front and back of postcard

I’m just so pleased with how mine came out and I can’t wait to share about the one I received later this week! Trina is going to be hosting another postcard swap so make sure to follow her on Instagram and Periscope to catch the wave on the next swap 😉

Oh everyone posted with #woodlandpostcardswap on Instagram if you wanna check out all the other postcards that got mailed around!


  1. That is so cute! I’ve seen/heard of postcard swaps but never atcually made a fabric postcard! I love your quilting! I think the ‘lazy ass’ applique method is perfect and would be my way too! The photo fabric is new to me!! Well done!

  2. Your postcard is so sweet — I don’t think I could have popped it in a mailbox. (Those snails! What if they got smooshed?!) And I love your use of Rae Hoekstra’s first fabric line here. Please share how you finished of the edge of the postcard. : )

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