Logo Quilted Pillow

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I was in the craft room the other day – I should have been cleaning and packing but as I often do, I got distracted and decided to make something instead,

This idea has been percolating for a bit now; the geometric nature of the logo at my job has quietly whispered “quilt me” for quite some time now.

I’ve worked for other companies with very quiltable logos before but never seized the opportunity so while I was organizing and destashing some of my fabric through my Etsy shop I stumbled across a spare pillow form then “accidentally” pulled fabric for a new project. 🤷‍♀️

Fabric pull for the throw pillow

The project I work on at this company is a WordPress based CMS suite; catering for broadcasters and publishers so having newsprint fabric and the cute speech bubble green fabric was a detail that I was truly delighted by.

Using careful attention to directionality and the stitch and flip method to make the points on the green emblem I was able to get all the news print fabric lined up in the same direction. 

I like how this directional detail makes a finished piece feel grounded, like it has a clear upright direction…or really two directions in this case since I skewed the print at a 45 degree angle in the finished pillow.

Finishing Details

After I pieced the logo block, I winged the 4 color corners by centering a 6″ x 10″ scrap along the center of each edge. Then when I turned the main block at a 45 degree angle I trimmed the excess to center the logo the desired finished shape of the pillow form.

Instead of making a true quilt sandwich I cut a backing for the trimmed block from some scrap muslin and forwent the batting. I stitched along both side of most of the seams to make sure that the quilt block pillow front would hold up well – keeping the stitches 3/8″ from the seam to make sure the seam allowances were always caught by the quilting stitch.

I followed the Craftsy tutorial on tapering the corners for a “perfectly plump pillow” as well as the tutorial on making an envelope pillow closure by my quilt blog friend Stephanie from over at Late Night Quilter, to finish off the project.

Did I mention that it looks delightful in the front lobby at the office too?

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