Running Through Daydreams

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When I’m bummed out sometimes I go to my LQS (little quilt shop) and well, I think we all know what happens when we do that. I was a bit bummed about the announcement that my office was closing in 2.5 months and decided I’d take some of my upcoming down time to write some patterns. I’ve never been particularly impressed with quilt patterns I’ve bought online, free ones tend to have better instructions. I though it’d be fun to challenge myself to design and produce a couple patterns so at the LQS I picked up a couple commercial ones to see how they’re written.

While I was there a woman was talking about her 3.5hr quilt top from a jelly roll, it was quite lovely and seemed easy to piece. 20 minutes later when I grabbed a jelly roll with the patterns and a couple fat quarters the woman asked if I was going to try that quilt top with the jelly roll I was buying.

I hadn’t been planning on making that quilt right now, let alone using that jelly roll for it. Once I got home I couldn’t help myself; I found the directions online as a 1hr quilt top but I think it took me much closer to 3.5 hours for me.

So here’s the top I made!

Jelly Roll Race in Daydream all pieced up!
Jelly Roll Race in Daydream all pieced up!

For the borders I used a coordinating simple print and yardage from a favorite print int he Daydream line to add a 1″ and 5″ border. The 1″ border was a suggestion form the woman in the shop, it was a brilliant addition. I tried to use mitered angles on the borders but didn’t have quite enough fabric so there were some straight 90 degree edges too. Oh well it still looks lovely!

Jelly Roll race border
Jelly Roll race border

Fabrics used:
Day Dream by Kate Spain
Bear Essentials 2 by P&B Textiles

I used scraps from the borders and an additional Day Dream fat quarter along with this beautiful solid blue as my backing cause it just looks perfect!

Jelly Roll Race Backing
Jelly Roll Race Backing

Now just to baste, quilt and bind (the story of my life). I’m going to try to baste it this week and start quilting. I’m planning on doing this one on my domestic machine, probably just straight lines bug I may take some time to practice some FMQ stippling and give that a try on this quick & dirty quilt. Don’t know if I’m that brave!

What projects are on your list to work on this week?

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  1. That 1″ strip really is a good idea. It frames it all beautifully. The colours look really good too in this as a strip quilt. A really happy feel to it!

  2. Ohhh, I love jelly roll race quilts, and Kate Spain! So cute!!! I think I know the LQS you’re talking about, in Auburn?

    1. Yup actually it is, I just love the woman who works there on the weekends (I RARELY make it there weekdays.) She was the one who suggested the thin purple border that worked brilliantly!

  3. Your quilt is beautiful!! I love the colours, so bright and fresh. South Africa’s quilt shops hardly has any pre-cut fabrics, and when they DO, its just so expensive.. So I have to rely on my rotary cutter.

  4. So lovely! You can’t go wrong with Kate Spain šŸ˜€ that’s the perfect border print too and I love your pieced back!

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