Spring Cleaning

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Got quite a bit of spring cleaning done yesterday! I finally gathered up my unused fabric and donated it at the fabric store a few towns over. I had some home decor that never got used for a project and some apparel fabric from my occasional delusion that I’m skilled enough to make apparel I’d actually wear. I even started to list some of my photography equipment that I haven’t touched in years on Craigslist to clean house a bit.

Well while I was at the fabric store I rationalized that since I’d cleaned up some space I could totally pick up a little fabric.

New Fabric!
New Fabric!

Nothing was really inspiring me until I found that print, once I did I ran over to the Kona Solids to try and find all the right matches. I’m not in love with the pink I picked. The selection was a bit limited, I might swap it out for something brighter to match the print.

I grabbed slightly arbitrary amounts of the fabric since I didn’t know what quilt top I’d be making with it. 2 yards of the print, 1 yard of the dark grey and 1/2 yard of all the other solids.

Driving home I decided this had to be a plus sign quilt. I’ve been dying to do one and I think the combination of the solids with the print will look phenomenal. It’s neat cause this is not my typical color palette too!

I whipped up a design in EQ7 (now available for Macs!!!!!)

Plus sign quilt design
Plus sign quilt design

What do you think? Is this the right design for this set of fabric?


  1. I totally love your blog, the style, the pics, really great here, found you through the new blogger blog hop 2014 and following you now

    great fabric purchase, like your layout, with the one print, making the whole quilt pop
    and really wish I had EQ7 too lol

  2. Oh I love that print fabric! What a fun plus quilt! (I really need to make one). If only EQ7 wasn’t so expensive! (I can buy so much fabric for that price lol).

    1. Yea EQ7 is on the pricy side. I picked it up as a splurge item recently because I was getting so frustrated trying to do really simple designs in Illustrator.

  3. What Serena said!! Love EQ7, so helpful to see what those things in my head will look like before I actually make the commitment. Can’t wait to see this one come together šŸ™‚

  4. Love that print! That’s something I’d pick up and then have no idea what to make with it, but it would be calling my name. I saw you on the NQB Google group map and had to pop by and say hi since you’re in my neck of the woods! My husband’s family is from Hudson, so we’re actually back and forth to MA all the time. Do you follow Play Crafts? Your bio reminded me of it – also female tech field quilters : )

  5. Um, yes, this totally counts as destashing, because not only did you get rid of more than you bought, but you bought it and are using it straight away, so it’s not stash building at all!! And if we all stick to that story we’ll be fine šŸ˜€
    E xx

  6. As far as I’m concerned, it definitely counts as spring cleaning as you got rid of more than you brought back šŸ˜‰ I love the colors, bold and eye-catching!

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