New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop & a New Pillow

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Jeepers, I hadn’t checked my mail for a bit and turns out I’m on the hook for a new quilt bloggers post today (not to mention the perfect picnic blog hop post due on Thursday!) I wasn’t sure exactly what to post then I popped open light room and figured I’d show off my latest finish: a quilted pillow. It’s my first project with my new Wonderful Pfaff sewing machine!

Finished Honey Honey Pillow
Finished Honey Honey Pillow

I used scraps from the quilt I posted about last week . They were leftover HST from the diamond in a square blocks that I had the forethought to sew when making the main blocks (thank goodness!)

Best set of tools for this project!!
Best set of tools for this project!!

I trimmed them to 3.5″ unfinished using my Bloc-Loc Ruler (see all Bloc Loc rulers at the Fat Quarter Shop) on this awesome Lazy-Susan style cutting mat by Busy Fingers Patchwork ($31 at Fat Quarter Shop). Both were just AMAZING to work with!! I’d picked them up for a HST of doom quilt I have everything for but am afraid to start. Now knowing how easy they were to trim I’m going to pick up some of that ruler backing to put on the Bloc Loc to keep it EVEN more in place and get started!

Piping on the new pillow
Piping on the new pillow

I’m pretty pleased with the piping too! It’s not the best but for the first time using the zipper foot on this machine it will do. I have to go have a little more training on it though.

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And look there’s a 2nd pillow in progress on the design wall!

One more pillow from these scraps
One more pillow from these scraps

I hope you didn’t mind getting a taste of my kind of quilt blogging while you stopped by, there’s plenty more to see but before you leave I’d love it if you took some time to visit some of my other New Quilt Blogger pals. Here’s who else we are hopping to today!
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Plum and June


  1. What are the odds? I actually mentioned the Bloc_loc ruler and a rotating mat on my New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop post that went up today too!

  2. Its a very pretty pillow. And thanks for the suggestion about the Bloc-loc rulers.

  3. I love my rotating mat! Though mine is square, and only 6.5″ square, it comes in so handy for trimming HSTs!

    Sorry you’re having a rough week! Hope next week is better (or at least that you get plenty of sewing time!)

  4. I just finished up some cushions made on my newish (got it at Christmas) Pfaff too! Love the IDT for quilting! Have been looking at getting a rotating mat for the longest time…

  5. love the pillow. I have a block-loc ruler too and love it. it really does make trimming much easier. Can’t wait to see the HST quilt of doom…:)

  6. That lazy susan mat looks awesome. I just have the one giant one, which is definitely not made for all projects.

    And the piping is great. I’m a lover of piping!

  7. I love that cushion, and good for you for having the forethought to sew those HSTs together last time! Lovely to meet you 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing that pillow, I like those fabrics. I wish I had the forethought to sew my HST scraps together right away–I have a pile of triangle scraps, waiting to be matched up and sewn together. Nice to meet you!

  9. I love the pillow! So cute! (Sorry for the belated blog hop comment – I didn’t quite make the one-week deadline for everyone.)

  10. Hi Terri! I’m from the first week of the blog hop as well, only I’m a bit behind on checking everyone’s blog out! Such an adorable pillow. I’ve been avoiding making any pillows right now because I’m afraid if I start, I’ll end up with 20+ pillows in my house! I love the concept of the Bloc-Loc rulers but since I always press my seams open, they wouldn’t work for me.

  11. Hi Terri, I’m from the first week of the blog hop, and still trying to catch up and visit everyone’s blog. I like your blog, and I love your quilts and pillows. The designs and color choices are stunning. I especially like the quilts in your masthead. It’s nice to meet you, and i hope I see more of you on the hop.

  12. Hi! I’ve found you through Beth’s blog hop. Yes, I’m three weeks behind in my blog reading. I got a new Pfaff for Christmas. I’m in love! I would love to get one of those rotating cutting mats, so useful for trimming up blocks.

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