Picnic Day Adventure

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Ready to go on a perfect picnic adventure? Let’s Go!

Ready for a Picnic!
Ready for a Picnic!

I called up my friend Katie for a little picnic adventure so out we went to the park at the pond near her house where we laid out the blanket and our other picnic companion, Brooke, to verify comfort

Brooke approves!
Brooke approves!

She seemed to approve so we plopped our bums down and kicked off the flip flops

We are on our way to a  perfect picnic
We are on our way to a perfect picnic

We sat and watching the mom & dad Canadian Geese with their little goslings

Geese are a bit of a nuisance but the lil babies are so cute!
Geese are a bit of a nuisance but the lil babies are so cute!

We had packed a picnic but made a couple mistakes…first we forgot the sandwich, also forgot the spoon for the yogurt and fork for pickles.  Oh and we forgot the corkscrew for the wine…but whatever it was a beautiful day. We had apple chips, pickles with our fingers & drank iced tea in mason jars

Our attempt at a picnic meal
Mason jars with sippy lids are +15 bonus points for those of you keeping track

This picnic blanket is an oversized Colorado Beauty Star block, I made 16 half square triangle blocks, each HST is 15″ finished

60"x60" finished picnic blanket
60″x60″ finished picnic blanket

Adding to the list of things I forgot: a kindle or quilting magazine to show off the magazine pocket. It’ll also be perfect to tuck phones into on the beach later this simmer to keep them out the direct sunlight this summer.

Magazine, Kindle or iPhone holder built in!
Magazine, Kindle or iPhone holder built in!

I tried to do a flat felled seam for the backing but messed it up but it’s still a great seam back there!

Outdoor home decor fabric backing to keep this quilt strong on the beach, patio or on a picnic
Outdoor home decor fabric backing to keep this quilt strong on the beach, patio or on a picnic

Nature came to visit too and seemed to approve of our picnic which I had to snap a photo of

Hey Cutie!
Hey Cutie!

Quilt Info

Quilt Name: Picnic Quilt
Size: 60×60″
Fabric: Misc from Jo-Ann’s with Better Homes & Garden outdoor fabric
Quilt Design: Terri Ann Swallow (me) based on traditional Colorado Beauty Star
Pieced by: Terri Ann Swallow (me)
Quilting by: Terri Ann Swallow (me)
Finished: May 2014

Giveaway Time!

Thanks for coming on this adventure with us on our picnic, now for a tasty giveaway. What’s the best desert for a picnic…..

4 Candy Sized 3.5″ Charm Packs & a 1/2″ yrd of Vintage Happy by Riley Blake

Mason jar & picnic basket not included
Mason jar & picnic basket not included

How to Enter

  1. To enter just leave a comment in the section below of your favorite picnic or cook out snack that requires no utensils (since we clearly don’t know how to pack them)
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That’s right you can enter up to 3 times for this giveaway!

Rules & Details

  • Contest open to US & International entries
  • Giveaway will be open until Sunday June 8 at 8 p.m. EST.
  • Winner will be chosen on June 9th using the Random.org random number generator
  • Winner will have 24hrs to respond by email otherwise a new random winner will be chosen

Blog Hopping!

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Perfect Picnic Blog Hop

Big thanks to Madame Samm for dreaming up this blog hop & and to Mary of I piece 2 for coordinating it!
Thanks to the hop’s sponsors Riley Blake Designs & Petersboro Baskets!


  1. Your big block quilt is cool. That’s too funny about the food. Sandwiches were a great idea, that’s what I’d recommend but you do have to remember to bring them. 🙂 Home dec fabric on the back is a super idea.

  2. A good looking quilt, and it looks like you had a great time!
    My favorite food for picnic is what I had at my own event: homemade rolls with ham and cheese inside, different cheese and crackers, strawberries and grapes, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

  3. What a fun idea for your quilt. Love the idea of using the decorator fabric for added stability. Your idea of what food to bring is like mine. Keep it simple. Thank you so much for being part of this “Perfect Picnic” hop.

  4. I think my favorite utensil-free snack is a toss up between veges & dip and Easy Cheese with Ritz crackers. My husband would actually say regular or “real” cheese with summer sausage to go with the crackers. Thank you for sharing your picnic with us!

  5. My favourite is hard boiled eggs – so easy as they come in their own package!

  6. I love the happy colours of this quilt. One of my favourite foods is cake and you have to have cake on a picnic, any flavour will do as I love them all, I am happy with chocolate, coconut, gingerbread,etc.

  7. Love the quilt and your friend checking out the comfort level of the quilt! Our favourite picnic food which DH and our Boys love are sausage rolls. In fact if we only took sausage rolls they would be happy! Thanks for sharing and the Giveaway. Susie x

  8. Very cute quilt. Looks like you had a good picnic in spite of the forgotten items. Your quilt looks very comfortable there on the grass.

  9. Love the quilt. I take strawberries-blueberries, slightly frozen and sugar cookies or snickerdoodles. Easy to pack and so good.

  10. Love your quilt.. It looks like a giant whirlygig that you hold the stick in your hand and blow to make it spin a round in the breeze. Perfect for a picnic outdoors. My favorite picnic food perfect for finger eating is fried chicken! Just don’t forget the napkins! ha!

  11. My dear sweet lady, what a wonderful photos, quilt, basket…setting…everything is perfect…you gotta have some kind of pie on a picnic and potato salad and cucumber sandwiches…but that is me x

  12. I love big block quilts! And those sweet spring colored fabrics – perfect. 🙂 My favorite picnic food – apples because you don’t need utensils and you can toss away the leftovers to feed the birds. 🙂 blessings, marlene

  13. What a great quilt and lends itself to so many fabrics. Thanks for the giveaway (which I always love). I enjoyed my first visit to your bolg and I’ll be back soon!

  14. Vegetarian sushi! It makes great finger food, yum. Your little caterpillar visitor is very cute.

  15. Ha ha! Forgetting stuff, that is so me! I pretty much only pack finger foods for just that reason 🙂 we love cheese and crackers.

  16. You need egg rolls and cookies. Or brownies. Weird combination, I know. Love the pocket on your picnic cloth.

  17. i love hamburgers! what a beautiful quilt you made! babscorbitt at gmail dot com

  18. i am so impressed with your blog that i liked on faebook and also checked to get notifactions babscorbitt at gmail dot com

  19. I Love your choice of Fabrics for your Quilt so bright and summery!! I always do Finger foods for a Picnic, and as a rule plastic cutlery in a pocket of the Picnic Basket. Finger foods consist of Celery, Cuke, and Carrot Sticks with Peanut Butter or Hummus for Dipping. Tea Sandwiches, and Fruit. We just learned a new way for Watermelon Sticks. Cut a Baby Watermelon in half, place cutside down and slice down on mound into sticks. Pick up from the Rind and enjoy your Watermelon Stick! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  20. I love bringing sliced apples, strawberries, or grapes on a picnic…cookies are always good too (Can you tell I have a sweet tooth 🙂

  21. Oh what a perfect picnic cloth and a good time utensils or not. My favorite picnic food is watermelon, pre-cut at home of course! LOL. You need to start buying wine in bottles with screw caps or better yet in boxes with spigots! hahahahahaha

  22. It looks like a great picnic even though you forgot some things….the picnic spot was beautiful. Very clever adding the pouch, the geese would have kept you from reading anyway…..they’re so entertaining ! I love to roast marshmallows and burn them !

  23. Your quilt is beautiful and I love that it is so big. It reminds me of the blankets we used to take on picnics. My mom didn’t know how to make anything small so our blankets were huge. Cute little caterpillar, too! Potato chips are a good no utensil take along on a picnic. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Our favorite picnic food is chicken salad scooped into halved bell peppers (mini bell peppers for poppable bites!), just wrap in Saran warp and eat like an apple when you get there! Thanks for the chance!

  25. Fruit kabobs are so easy to eat without messing up the fingers! It takes a bit of prep work, but they are so worth it when both hunger and thirst need quenching on a hot summer day!

  26. Thanks for your showing us your quilt. I love it because it is so simple looking to make. Favorite food is simple crackers and cheese. Goes a long way.

  27. I think that caterpillar is smiling at me! I love tortilla roll-ups, spread cream cheese on a tortilla, put your favorite sandwich meat (oh wait you forgot the sandwich too) I like turkey then cheese, maybe some red onion slices or better yet avocado, roll it up and the cream cheese will make it stick and eat it with your hands , yummy so many variations.

  28. I really like the big blocks and all those personal touches, like the flat felt seams. Neat colors too. Fav picnic food: potato chips, of course.

  29. Well looks like you had a nice picnic anyway…as long as there’s wine, there’s a picnic! I like chips and salsa for picnics along with finger food like grapes and strawberries.

  30. Your picnic looks like great fun and your quilt is very pretty. Strawberries, grapes, a bag of baby carrots, a package of fresh mozzaralla bites or any favorite finger food and who needs utensils to have a good time anyway. Thanks for sharing your picnic fun … 🙂 Pat

  31. Cute quilt! The dog certainly approves. I almost went off without a plate yesterday but remembered before I was too far up the road and turned around and went back. Maybe that was contagious??

    I’ll pass on the giveaway opportunity but you are sweet to offer this to some lucky reader/commenter.

  32. ‘”We” just go to the drive thru at the local chicken place and get tenders and all the fixin’s. They also furnish all the utinsiles. Iced drinks and what ever they offer for desert, purchased at the same place, finish it off. Lazy woman’s Picnic. Not too healthy but maybe twice a year won’t hurt, I hope.

  33. This could be an entry for Pets on Quilts in August! I love raspberry jam sandwiches, my fave for picnics.

  34. I don’t need to be entered in the contest but just wanted to say you did a lovely job. Such a happy quilt!

  35. Fun to make an over sized block! I like the addition of the pocket…perfect to hold anything you don’t want to roll away or whatever.
    Dips and vege are a fav picnic food for us that doesn’t require utensils. That and brownies! 🙂

  36. I love your picnic quilt… The ant fabric is perfect!! Lol !! I love to have finger foods like veggie strips and dip, fruit like grapes, strawberries, cherries…etc. Thanks for sharing in the hop!!

  37. Lovely quilt! Sounds like me leaving a few things behind, lol! Thank you for sharing.

  38. I love to take fried chicken. You might need some paper towels for them, but no silverware.

  39. My mom’s fried chicken is the best for a picnic or at home because I don’t fry anything (hate the oily mess). And I really like your big block quilt.

  40. Cheese, crackers and fruit are easy! Plus, there are some very nice wines that have screw tops or are vacuum packed. : ) what’s the lack of individual cups amongst friends?
    Notwendy gmail

  41. A picnic is supposed to be fun so keep it simple: potato chips and salsa, raw veggies and dip, watermelon slices and cold lemonade.

  42. We always take sandwiches and chips since they are quick and easy. I also like to pack fresh fruit as well.

  43. Usually we picnic on the spur of the moment so stop at subway for sandwiches and chips. I love the pocket you added to the quilt. Smart idea.

  44. We like to take a small cooler we have…pack some cheeses, assorted fresh fruits…mugs of iced tea…and then few kinds of crackers. Usually have a zippy plastic bag with napkins & few plastic silverware & some paper plates inside…and store in the cooler between picnics, or day trips. ( I am aleays forgetting stuff…helps me! lol)

  45. I’m already a Follower, thru Bloglovin 🙂

    Love your quilt too…perfect picnic setting… the pictures are great!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  46. Thanks for a chance to win. Your quilts are beautifully photographed and I love the inch worm! My favorite finger food for a picnic is Mississippi Mud Cake (yep, I consider it a finger food that is well worth the mess :>) ).

  47. Rice paper rolls are a utensil free winner and sushi as well. I have wanted to make a picnic rug but wondered what to put on the back – home dec it is!

  48. Love your quilt! I like to take cheese and crackers for a quick picnic treat!

  49. We adore eating grapes, Brie cheese and crackers. The kids even like the Brie, havarti, Gouda and of course cheddar.

  50. My first thought was brownies, but I love fruit so apple slices and grapes would be good too. Your quilt is wonderful with that pocket. That is what makes picnic quilts different. Great job.

  51. Beautiful quilt!! I enjoyed scrolling down your blog. If I had a picnic and couldn’t have utensils, I would probably take sandwiches, chips, veggies, fruit and some cookies. I do like the giveaway, pretty fabric.

  52. Well, pudding wouldn’t be a very good picnic snack without a spoon. Unless you’re my 5 year old grandson. Ha Ha. So how bout chocolate chip cookies. Yum

  53. I can relate- we LOVE to have cookout picnics with our portable grill, but more often than not we forget the lighter! Fresh fruit and cookies are my favorite picnic snacks (utensils optional). Beautiful quilt, beautiful day! Thanks for sharing-

  54. Any kind of fresh fruit is great for picnic but don’t forget the whip cream. But then so are ham and cheese sandwiches. Love the quilt and the backing. The pocket for important things is super idea for sunny days. Your friend there really gives the comfort credibility. Thanks for the charms packs and backing. Kinda wish you’d also include the mason jar and picnic basket. Awe shucks. LOL. Thanks for the sharing and giveaway.

  55. Oh no, you can forget the sandwiches and spoon or fork but corkscrew…now that is not good. Your quilt is adoranle. I liked the fabrics you choose for it. Thank you for sharing your quilt and story of your picnic.

  56. Your picnic quilt and location is beautiful! Love the idea of a pocket on the side. Thanks for sharing your picnic with us and I would pick strawberries for my fork free food. 😉

  57. At my house we all love fruit, so grapes, apples and bananas always come to our picnics.

  58. We’re always forgetting something too! Once we took our portable bbq to cook some hot dogs and realizes we forgot the lighter! Oops. Thankfully we were able to get one fairly easily. I love cookies on a picnic, especially if they’re homemade. Your picnic blanket is beautiful, and the little pocket is a smart addition.

  59. When my kids were small, once in awhile I’d pick up a loaf of unsliced bakery bread, a wedge of cheese, and a variety of fruit and raw veggies on my way home from work. We’d spread a sheet onto the floor and have an indoor picnic on hectic school nights. They loved it! The only thing that would have made it better is a lovely picnic quilt like yours. 🙂

  60. SO FUN! My fave is to make bean dip with the “scoops” chips… always fun at a picnic. Love that caterpillar photo…they always attend picnics here!

  61. For me, fruit is the number one finger food – bananas, apples, oranges, strawberries… yum! Thanks for the contest.

  62. Love the toe nail polish. I always have some kind of cookie for a snack on a picnic.

  63. My favorite snack is anything chippy and dippy. Potato chips, vegies, breadsticks — anything to carry dip from dish to mouth. No utensils needed.

  64. We love something we call “hot sandwiches”. Bread dough with sandwich meat and cheese and dressing spread down the middle and then the dough wrapped around it.

  65. Love the picnic quilt and a lovely place to have a picnic. I think it’s funny you forgot some stuff, it’s the kinda thing I do. lol

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