Chris & Katie’s Engagement Session

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I was so pleased when I got the group text from Katie while she was on vacation this past summer. It was the quintessential millennial engagement announcement: group text, a picture message of left hand (now adorned with a ring) and completed with excited Emoji’s.  As a good friend of the couple (Chris & Katie) for the past few years we were all just waiting for it to happen.

Her parents were lucky enough to be there for the proposal at sunset on the beach at Cape Cod. Hearing all of them recount the evening where they watched their little girl be proposed to by a man they couldn’t love more was such a wonderful experience itself.

Katie recently told me that I was the one she thought of for the engagement photos, which I thought was just the sweetest thing seeing as I don’t do a lot of portrait photography any more but do truly miss photographing people.

Chris &Katie Engagement Session

When it comes to doing your first engagement session it sure doesn’t hurt when you’re working with the most stinkin’ adorable couple. We met up at Moore State Park in Paxton, which provided a beautiful rural New England fall backdrop for the photos.

Katie wanted to make sure we had their pup Brooke involved and she really wanted to get some photos to use for the save the date cards; with a little Pin-spiration we ended up with some just wonderful photos.

Chris & Katie Engagement Pumpkins

I met Katie, her family and of course Chris while line dancing so the cowboy boot shot is very near-and-dear!

Chris & Katie Engagement Cowboy Boot

Chris loves his cars so we tried to get some shots with it but due to scheduling challenges awe were shooting on Monday evening in the fall and we were loosing light fast but we made it work.

Chris & Katie Engagement Photos

Chris & Katie Engagement Photos

After we had lost the light we went to get some photos in their new house they’d just moved into.

Chris & Katie Engagement

Chris & Katie Engagement Photos

We tried to get both Brooke (dog) and Chevy (cat) involved with varying degrees of success. Katie is a self-proclaimed crazy animal lady so we had to at least try with Chevy. Even after he refused to cooperate Chevy still wanted to be in the shot, well at least inside the prop box.

Chris & Katie Engagement with Cat and Dog

Congratulations Chris & Katie! It still makes me giggle when you call each other fiancé and I can’t wait for the wedding.

Chris & Katie Engagement Photos


Location(s): Private residence & Moore State Park, Paxton MA
Client: Chris & Katie
Date: October 2014
Equipment: Nikon D5100, Nikkor 18-55mm, SB-600, Fong Light Sphere


  1. Terri, you did an AMAZING job taking our engagement photos. I am so proud of you that you are getting back into professional photograpy. You definitely have a knack for it and will do great. If you want to go big you know where I’ll be on October 9th 2015! Me and Chris would be HONORED if you were the one to photograph all our special moments on our big day. We love you and good luck!!!

  2. Terri, what a wonderfull love story,mad me cry..
    The pictures are just amazing. Great job , what a talent you have.


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