Hi My Name is Terri and I’ve Been a Big ‘ol Quilt Blog Slacker

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I’d love to pretend that any of this is a good excuse but since my last post I left my old job (well my entire office was outsted but that aside…) took a 7 week stay-cation between jobs, spent lots of time with friends and the boyfriend and just plain lived. When I got the 60 day notice about the layoff I thoguth to myself “Think of all the time I’ll have for quilting between jobs”. When the time came to not have to go to work on a Monday my attitude changed to “Think of all the living and relaxing I can do.” I was blessed to have an opportunity to take time off of work without being strapped for cash and having to rush back to work. No kid’s mouths to feed, just my own and a comfortable savings that would’ve allowed me to go unemployed for 5-6 months if necessary while being in a career field where I can find a job in less than 2 weeks. I am so thankful to be so fortunate as so many people are not. Because of that I do not regret disappearing from the blog but I do have some good news: It’s winter and I’m back!!!!

Goose Lane Quilt Top (pls excuse the terrible photo)
Goose Lane Quilt Top (pls excuse the terrible photo)

I’d designed a quilt quite some time back and named it Goose Lane – it’s a flying geese, modern inspired quilt. The rows of colored flying geese (that look like chevrons when stacked) went together nicely, but I hit a funk and couldn’t get myself to cut the rest of the yardage for the sashing and geese on the side. I also thought the name no longer suited the pattern and started second guessing everything aout it from the colors to the pattern and my taste. Goose Lane is the highway exit we take to get to my family’s cottage. A month ago I would’ve called that my gram’s cottage but not any longer. I think that’s what kicked me back into gear to finish the quilt top. It was a sigh of relief finishing both the top and back the other day. While I am determined to work on my domestic machine quilting skills I think this one might going out for quilting cause I can’t wait to throw it on the back of my couch. I’ve sketched out a twin and queen size version of this quilt and plan to produce a pattern for it.

Design wall: the original Pinterest board. It's coming along so nicely!! #quilt #lonestar #medallion #jellyroll

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I also finally got the stunning lone star medallion that’s been sitting on my design wall going again. Thank to the ladies in the Facebook Late Night Quilters group I mustered the gumption to fix my bad Y-seams and got the borders for my medallion started (and mostly planned) to bring this medalltion from 30″ to 60″ square. This quilt has no destination so I don’t know what size to make it to. My gut says “go queen size you big sissy” so I’ll probably aim for ~100×100. That’ll leave me with 20″ of border to design around what’s left, that’ll probably take 6 months to figure out at the rate this puyppy’s going but whatever…at least it’s in progress.

Other updates on the home front: I finally got around to making my logo. It’s not on the blog layout yet but as I started thinking about pattern writing more seriously I knew I needed something more than just “Childlike Fascination” in a random typeface to start branding my work. What do you think? I adore it!

Childlike Fascination New Logo

Well that’s all for my update for now. I’m going to try and get back into a once a week schedule posting. I feel like my quilting made leaps and bounds progress when I did that and winter is my favorite time to quilt.

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  1. For someone who’s been off doing other stuff you have a lot on the go here! I like both projects – that star is going to be stunning. Also, the logo looks really good.

  2. Welcome back! It sounds like you had a very nice down time soaking up life between jobs. I like Goose Lane, and I really dig the Lone Star medallion you have going. 100 by 100 is going to be huge!! šŸ™‚

    1. Yea I’m thinking I might be crazy for going so big. I think it might end up smaller, all depends on what border I add on, step back and think “that’s IT!” both in an aesthetic, “that’s it, it looks good” and a “that’s it, I can’t stand to look at this quilt’s face anymore!” LOL

  3. So glad the job situation worked out for you, and you’ve got your quilting mojo back. Nice logo – good luck with your pattern writing.

  4. Both very pretty projects. Love the star – such awesome colours – then again you probably figured I’m kind of obsessed with those at the moment. šŸ™‚

  5. Both projects are great! I know what you mean about taking time off to relax, being a teacher I look forward to summer vacation to reset. Although not much quilting gets done. So happy to hear you’re back šŸ™‚

  6. I LOVE the free-motion quilting you did on my womertelan quilt and that you didn’t have to go over any of the seeds- turned out beautifully! I might have to give you another project to add to your list when I finish MJ’s baby clothes quilt (you do such a good job and there are several squares with embellishments ) =0) This book looks fabulous!

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