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Haven’t gotten much quilting done this week for a few reasons:

  1. I got frustrated that the paper piecing pattern I created had two blocks that came out the wrong size. I’ve yet to fix the pattern and have been kind of a grump about it
  2. I had an awesome idea for an ironing board cover that I’ve been sketching out (more on that another day)
  3. I got distracted with a new project

Now before you think the new project has yielded yet another UFO let me introduce you to it:

Quilt Along.net

QuiltAlong.net is a web project built out of my frustration trying to find an upcomming quilt along to join. I love the community feel and schedule of a quilt along. I’m the only quilter I know in real life because I’m not terribly active with local guilds due to my schedule and while I love them dearly the older ladies at the LQS and I just haven’t clicked that way; I use them for fabric and they use me for my paychecks haha!

I just have a landing page up right now but I’m planning to launch the recurring link parties this weekend and all of the quilt alongs and block of the month’s should be up within th next week (I’ve collected just under 20 at this point and am actively recruiting people to help contribute)

I hope this is the kind og project that the rest of my crafters online can get excited about and help contribute to. There’s links on Quilt Along.net to submit quilt alongs, BOM, link parties & blog hops, so if you have some in mind you’d like to see listed please send em my way!

Please do feel free to pin & share this project to other quilters that you think will enjoy the content or have something to add to it!


  1. That is such a great idea Terri ! I signed up, but it wouldn’t take my blog address. http//:morestarsincomanche.blogspot.com This one won’t either.

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