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So far everyone I’ve emailed/talked to about my project has been really supportive and excited about it and I wanted to post an in-progress update on it!

Last weekend I released an update so that now the weekly link parties are availiable on the site:

Weekly quilt along link parties
Weekly link parties are now listed on Quilt!

I’ve been excitedly working on the quilt along and block of the month listings. So far I have 8 current and 14 past quilt alongs/block of the month clubs. There’s more queued up to add but I really just want to get the ones I already have released before teh end of the year! I know in the past sometimes I’ve gotten bogged down on web projects cause I don’t comprimise on the details. Kind of like with quilting I need to let some of the imperfect stitches go and really focus on the overall.

I’m also trying to make sure there’s no “feature creep” going on. For those who don’t know what that is, feature creap is when you’re working on a project and as you’re working on it more ideas pop up and try and sneak there way into the project. When these features are worthy enough I am adding them in but I’m trying to keep a list of them to come back to after I’ve released all the essentials. A couple of things I’m planning on adding are calendars of major online and in real life quilting events/shows as well as links to different and neat quilting memes like Amy’s amazing #omitted topics over at 13 Spools and the process pledge over at Fresh Modern Quilts. I just haven’t figured out the right way to integrate those ideas. There’s another idea about doing something Dear Jane or Farmers Wife too but I’m still figuring out details on those ideas too.


I’m going to try and get feedback from all the hosts of the quilt alongs and blocks of the month I have listed so far before I launch it to the public to get their feedback/change requests to how I’m using and sending people to their content.

The most unfortunate part of working on the site has been that it’s sucked a lot of time away from my actual quilting. I haven’t sewn a stitch at all this week. I did go to Jo-Anns the other day to pick up some things to make Christmas cards this weekend. One thing I’m very excited about with my boyfriend is that he hunts; that means that Saturdays he is out in the woods while I am free to craft as I please. Saturdays have become great days for major apartment cleaning and crafting 🙂

I’m still looking good to launch the rest of by the end of this month, just in time for all the Janurary Block of the Month clubs to start! Wish me luck and go to to get an email update when the next phase is released!

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