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Pinnable - Favorite Podcasts for Creative InspirationIt used to be bad TV that I kept on in the background when I’m making things but recently I’ve gotten back into podcasts.

A podcast is like radio on demand + audio blogging. I listen to things from the news to interviews with blogging professionals or people with successful creative careers. Many are posted on consistent schedules and back archives are usually available. If you’re new to podcasts and spend any time in the car or sewing you’ve got to give some of these a try.

I’m now a total podcast junkie and there’s a bunch of podcasts I wanted to share, if there’s a podcast I should add to my playlist please drop it in the comment so I can check it out!

While they’re all not creative specific they’re all great podcasts to get my mind going and really engage me while I’m driving, doing house work or creating.

My Go-To Podcasts & Daily Listens

The following are my primary podcasts and are almost always at the top of my queue every day.

Global News Podcast CoverGlobal News from BBC World Service
I listen to this podcast every week day morning on the way into work and occasionally on weekends. The BBC blows many of the other news outlets out of the water in my opinion.

Stuff You Missed in History Podcast CoverStuff You Missed in History Class from How Stuff Works
Just like the title stated they talk about things you probably didn’t learn in your history class. The hosts bring you through a 30 minute deep dive on a specific subject. I’ve listened back through their archives back to early 2012, I’m not a big history person but their presentation format and topics variety makes this a perfect bite size of history history for me.

Serial Podcast CoverSerial from This American Life (NPR)
This fascinating story was a journalist digging into a real life case that put a man in prison for life. It was fascinating how she explored both sides of the case very thoughtfully and with the most unbiased approach possible. An excellent listen and I can’t wait for season two!

TED Radio Hour Podcast CoverTED Radio Hour from NPR
I love me some TED talks and this is great driving background noise too. The host is great and I love how they do quick deep dives behind the topic of the TED talks with the speaker and combine similar themes in each hour long show.

While She Naps Podcast CoverWhile She Naps with Abby Glassenberg
I’m a big fan of Abby and everything she does. Maybe it’s cause I consider her a neighbor (we’re both in Massachusetts) and I kind-of want to stalk her and sit in her studio while she works and absorb all her knowledge. Did that sound creepy or dangerous? What if I offer to bring coffee?

How They Blog Podcast CoverThe How They Blog Podcast with Kat Lee
I’m a long time blogger (there were others before this blog) and with 10 years being involved in the blogosphere I’m really loving how much it’s grown and listening to these truly inspiring interviews filled with blogging tips and business ideas gets me really excited about blogging.
This podcast ended Oct 2014

A few more podcasts to note

There are a couple other new podcasts and podcasts I listen to less frequently that I thought would be a great addition to this list too.

This American Life Podcast CoverThis American Life from Chicago Public Media (NPR)
I like that this podcast doesn’t suck me in too deep cause through iTunes you can’t go through the archives. It’s a great weekly listen and like everything NPR does it’s amazingly well produced and thoughtful.

Smart PAssive Income Podcast CoverThe Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn
I’ve played with affiliate marketing for years (long before the FCC made rules about it) and it’s fascinating to hear the stories of people who are finding success through passive income. My passive income checks are quite small and this podcast inspired me to grow that income.

Me Being Crafty Podcast CoverMe Being Crafty with Tsoniki Crazy Bull
Loving the message Tsoniki is putting out with her podcast. Her format is a bit more free-form week to week which works for me cause it’s about creativity in general and so far she’s had some great guests on the show talking about their creative roots and businesses.

Smart Creative Women Podcast CoverSmart Creative Women with Monica Lee
I’ve only listened to a couple episodes of this podcast and it’s pretty good so far. Don’t have enough under my belt to give it a solid review but worth adding to your list of options for sure!

Modern Sewciety Podcast CoverModern Sewciety Podcast with Stephanie Kendron
I’ve only listened to a few episodes but I’ve enjoyed the information I got out of them. Stephanie can get off topic with the guests but sometimes that leads to the most interesting information, which is usually the case when creative people getting off topic!

Inspiration for Entrepreneurs PodcastCoverInspiration for Entrepreneurs with Kimberly Geswein
Kimberly is no longer producing this podcast but it’s full of great little snippets from the perspective of a creative digital entrepreneur. I’m listening through the archives between other podcasts.
This podcast ended Dec 2014

Know of any podcasts I should also be checking out, suggest them in the comments?

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  1. Yes, I am also a podcast junkie. Listened to the whole season of Serial in one weekend. One of my favorites is stuff you should know, they have such interesting topics. Just listened to one of ESP! Glad to know I am not the only crazed person who cannot get enough 🙂

  2. Ohhh wow, I did NOT know about this at all until now – so my weekend´s booked with Podcasts while I´m sewing – THANKS for this!!

  3. I’ll have to check some of these out! I usually listen to audiobooks while I sew, I’ve got an Audible subscription. I’ve decided that listening via speakers is safer than watching when it comes to sewing – so far I’ve cut a fingertip off when a headphone cord got in the way and burned myself on an iron while trying to watch a movie…ha

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