Wishing Upon Spring Stars – A Finish

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Wishing on Spring Stars - Full Size Quilt

This quilt’s name had originally been Queen Terrain but someone (that’s me) was a little absent minded when she named it cause the measurements of the finish are not quite queen size. This quilt (unwashed) finished to 86″ x 86″ so I’ve needed to rename it but nothing sticks quite right so I guess Wishing Upon Spring Stars will have to do cause I am certainly ready for spring.

Wishing on Spring Stars - Full Size Quilt

But it looks so beautiful against the white snow that I can’t help but smile anyways.

Wishing on Spring Stars - Full Size Quilt

This beauty is based on a Moda Bake shop quilt: Charming Stars it’s made of Kate Spain’s Terrain line + Kona White. I added an extra row and column of star blocks and skipped the corner stones and added a thick green border to help ground the quilt a bit.

Wishing on Spring Stars - Full Size Quilt

It was the second quilt I ever started and we’ve gone through some turmoil, me and this quilt. It was packed away as a UFO for over a year, then I finished the top and sent it to the long arm to be quilted by Brenda at the Fabric Stash and then it proceeded to sit AGAIN for a year until I finally took the time to bind it.

Wishing on Spring Stars - Full Size Quilt

There’s a bit of emotion tied to this quilt too and now that life has changed I think it’s time to let this one go find another home. This will be the very first non-comission quilt I ever try to sell so we will see how that goes!

Wishing on Spring Stars - Full Size Quilt

I used a mix of coordinating prints on the back with some creative piecing of some scraps of jelly roll and layer cake on the front.

Wishing on Spring Stars - Full Size Quilt

I had the longarm do a simple pano, I’d initially intended on something more custom and maybe hand quilting to make the stars pop but I made the right decision.

Wishing on Spring Stars - Full Size Quilt

Does anyone else have that moment where you can’t take enough pictures of a quilt cause it makes your heart grow seeing is finished?

Wishing on Spring Stars - Full Size Quilt

The listing to purchase this quilt is on Etsy.

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  1. Yes, sometimes I just can’t get enough photographs of a finished quilt! Bright white was a good choice to offset all the bright prints; and while I am not always a sashing kind of person, I like the separation between each block. Good luck finding the perfect home for this quilt. šŸ™‚

  2. If I had a setting like that, I would take oodles of photos! I love the back! People can use whichever side fits their mood or decor. Stars in the country home, the mod back in the posh mod apartment in the city. That star pattern is on my list (as soon as I cut up enough scraps). I like the way you organized the colors.

  3. Oh, what a gorgeous quilt! Good luck with its sale. I’m sorry that times have changed so that you want to sell it…I’ve had a few quilts work out that way as well. Regardless, it’s beautiful, good job.

  4. What a great finish! It makes my heart happy to see it on the snow as well. I’m definitely over winter and cant’ wait for spring! šŸ™‚

  5. I too love vivid, bright colors with a crisp white background. I keep thinking I should mix it up some. But then I always go back.
    Great quilt. Very glad you got through it. It will go to a good home I am sure

  6. This is a beautiful quilt. I hope it will bring closure to see it finish and off to a wonderful home.

  7. You should feel proud of this quilt. It is so worthy of being photographed! You chose some wonderful backdrops that enhanced your beautiful and pretty quilt. The border really makes the quilt even more appealing. Love the backside too!

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ‘terrible’ Kate Spain quilt and yours is absolutely gorgeous too! Stars are so classic, great work!

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