The Move

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I will not apologize for not posting much this past week because I don’t feel bad about it. The move over the weekend went well, all things considered. My back is killing me, the pedometer says I did 127 flights of stairs from Thursday – Sunday (that’s just how many I went UP) and mother nature decided to dump an extra 10″ or so of snow Monday on top of the pre-existing 20″+ from the storm last Monday/Tuesday. Who doesn’t love moving between blizzards?

Goldfinch on Birdfeeder

On the bright side now that my backyard is an actual yard (not a major intrastate highway) we have a bird feeder. I enjoyed watching them mow down on all the seeds in the feeder during the storm Monday. I don’t know a lot about birds but the dear boyfriend has been teaching me, there’s goldfinch, chickadees and tufted titmice at the feeder most of the time and I’m getting better at distinguishing between them.

Chickadee trying to get some foods

The chickadee is trying to get some grub but the goldfinch are all like “Mine, mine mine.”

Tufted titmouse in the tree

Meanwhile the tufted tit mouse is just chilaxin in the tree. Before the storm hit we made another discovery, we have an unexpected neighbor. His name is Mr Fox.

Mr Fox in the neighbor's yard

Yup he’s not terribly far away (maybe 10 yards) from our back porch and seems to have a den buried under the snow. Being the “city girl” I was instructed that he is not bad cause he’s out during the day but since Abby, my new doggy roommate, goes loose in the yard that we need to be aware of what’s going on out there.

With this move I’ve gone from living by myself in a 1 bedroom apartment to living with the BF and doggy in a 3 bedroom house, and you know what that means, I HAVE A CRAFT ROOM!!!!!!

Craft room!!!

Unfortunately it’s really just the storage room for packed boxes. We have a lot of other things that need to get done before I can get the room all setup but with a couple deadlines in the future it won’t be long till I’m posting a “this is what my craft room looks like” post!

That being said I’ve done no crafting the past week and I’m jonesin’ for some action. What are you working on this week? Comment with a link to your latest project so I can catch up on everyone’s stuff!!


  1. YOU have such a great eye…your birds and MR fox in your new backyard is outstanding..I look forward to seeing more of you and your surroundings…

  2. Nature shots are a good stand in for quilty shots. šŸ™‚ Love the birds, and Mr Fox is gorgeous. I hope he behaves himself. Looking forward to seeing products made when your studio is set up.

  3. I’m so happy you made it through your move!!! I Amin love with the idea of your new woodland creature neighbors. Although my bunnies might not get along with your fix, so maybe I should just enjoy your pictures and not wish for more life complications.

  4. You poor thing! How in the world did you end up packing your sewing room? Inquiring minds…So glad to see you feed the birds. We feed them, too, and it creates a wonderful show for the Doxie Girls when the squirrels come in to clean up! Twofold entertainment. Unpack and enjoy your new living arrangements. Hope all will be happy with the big move.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  5. Glad to hear your move went well in spite of the hard work and weather woes. Looks like you are in a beautiful surrounding in the new place. Great photos! And… Yay! for having your own craft room!

  6. I can’t think of any better motivation than the promise of a craft room to help unload boxes!! I should have done that instead of just shove all our boxes in the space above the garage when we moved here almost 4 years ago (there are still a few boxes up there. Clearly we need nothing in them). I can’t wait to see your space, and hear more about your bird watching! I grew up with bird feeders galore out back, and LOVE seeing all the neighborhood birds come by! Foxies are not so much our friends anymore now that we have chickens. I went from LOVING backyard fox sightings to that feeling of deep-rooted panic on a single glimpse of a fox (wondering how many chickens he/she has already done in). Enjoy your new place!!

  7. I have bird feeders outside my sewing room window too. I love watching them. I now have a Bluebird feeder new this year. Those are some of the prettiest birds. You should Google to see what is native to your area and look for them. So much fun!

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