Lil Miss Penny Patch is Finished

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Remember that time I joined a quilt along in 2013 with the intention of finishing the quilt before that Christmas? Well a year and month later I can finally say: She done!

I gotta say Lil Miss Penny (as I call her) is an absolute disaster. I know I’m my own toughest critic but between sloppy 1/4″ seams, not squaring up blocks and an ill attempt at a new quilt as you go technique (there’s some kinks to work out there) it’s literally full of mistakes! You know what all those mistakes add up to though? A warm cozy quilt. Do the mistakes even matter? I thought so when I looked at the quilt myself but when I looked at the photos I realized they’re barely visible.

I had my friend Katie hold Penny up for us, Brooke was trying to be helpful. Emphasis on trying.

I usually hand stitch my quilt labels on but this time I machine sewed it on and it looks great from both the front and the back that way so I this will be how I do them from now on.

I’m still really pleased with how the Farmer’s wife blocks look in the quilt. It adds just a little pizzaz. I really need to get started on my FWQ at some point. Can you keep a secret? There may be a quilt along to do some farmer’s wife in future, hopefully with giveaways! 😉

It felt really good to finally finish this quilt. Now to just figure out where it’s will call home.


  1. The hardest quilts to finish are the ones that don’t have a destination or due date! I really like the way the varied colors in the diagonal squares (and varied size squares) work together.

  2. We tend to stress over our quilts as we piece them….once they’re quilted, you look at it and can’t even remember where the mistakes are…. Your Penny Patch is so delicate and pretty….love the backing too !

  3. Congratulations on a beautiful finish! I am getting a *little* better at acknowledging that finished and imperfect are better than perfect and stuck in WiP-land. Quilts are warm and snuggly. Period. yours is also adorable. I love the pops of the Joel Dewberry Lavender print–I just bought some for my QuiltCon prep!

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